Monday, February 23, 2009

book 9

Bonjour, salut monsieur neuf. I mailed you to France weeks ago. Have you arrived? Je ne sais pas.


  1. ok, I received this book months ago. As I'm not really organized, I put it in a corner of my room, in Rennes, France. I had to work hard this year. I wrote a fuckin 120 pages historic work on an evangelistic newspaper. During that time, I often had a look to this book, thinking about what could I wrote in it. last week, I've been to London. I left it there, in the hands of a good friend of mine. The fact is that, 30 minutes before leaving this crazy city, I didn't know what to write. So I wrote that I didn't know what to write...
    And sorry, I've entered the blog after arriving in France, so I didn't take any picture of me with the book.
    That was a good experience. Enjoy. Hope the book 9 to reach Canada again. Un abrazo a ti, Nova.


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